Coil selection and rating software

Technical software for the design, selection and rating of coils and heat exchangers

Our coil selection software 

Computair’s coil selection program offers design, rating and selection for coils and heat exchangers.

Designed with the coil manufacturer in mind, our coil software allows the user to configure the system with fundamental design details, heat transfer data and costing information. Coil configurations can be added to, deleted or altered as required.

Typically the coils are constructed from copper primary tubes, with aluminium or copper fins attached by mechanical bonding. The coils are selected by means of fundamental equations working in conjunction with an operator-amendable database.

All coil types are accommodated:
– hot water
– cold water
– DX
– steam
– condenser
– run-around/glycol heat recovery coil system design

Key features


All coils apart from the run-around system can either be selected (designed to achieve a particular duty), or rated (the performance of a given coil).


We have a wide range of geometries and tube sizes, allowing the user to configure the system and add different options on request.


Our coil software offers the facility to develop your own black box/DLL or web service that can be incorporated into 3rd party client software.


Our coil performance calculations are based on the best available mathematical modelling of refrigerant flow regime as fluid flows through the coil circuits for both smooth and microfin tubes. Heat transfer and frictional pressure drop is accurately calculated for a wide range of refrigerants. Our list of supported refrigerants is constantly being added to.

Features and benefits

– All coil types accommodated: HW, CW, DX, steam, condenser, run-around, etc.
– Coil selection and coil performance rating calculations
– Psychrometric validations and cooling curve generation
– Circuit diagram facility
– SI and IP units of measure
– Quotation generation
– Costing, pricing and BOM
– Sales and manufacturing drawing outputs
– Multilingual operation
– User-friendly, easily maintained by your employees
– Lifetime maintenance and support

The process 

Also included in our process:
– Psychrometric validation and cooling curve generation
– Circuit diagram facility
– Refrigerant sub-cooling and super-heat calculations
– Altitude calculations
– Support for AHRI, Eurovent and other certification

The product selector base system is inclusive of the following:
– Air cooled condenser
– Dry air liquid cooler
– Air cooled DX
– Air cooled fluid


Language and global reach

The software currently supports many different languages and we are constantly adding new ones. So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we can support your native language.

If you export your products to other countries, you can allow your people to use the software in their native language, which can really streamline your sales operations.

Computair already supplies software to the countries shaded blue. 

Global reach

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